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Deck Stainiing 

Deck Staining 

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We will begin work by power washing your deck to remove all dirt, vegetation, damaged wood fibers and old sealer. Your deck will be treated with a wood cleanser and a wood brightener. Once your deck has had a chance to dry, we will apply a sealer or stain. The sealer/stain will protect the wood from environmental damage and enhance its appearance.

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We Promise To Stand Behind Our Work 

Our customer service is responsive and prompt. We are dedicated to the satisfaction of every customer.

We promise to communicate with the customer after every job

We promise to utilize every means available to safely remove marks on your surfaces.


I needed an older deck stripped and stained and a new deck stained for the first time. The work was complicated enough that I only received quotes from 3 of 5 potential contractors. Mark was quick to respond to my Request for Quote and on par with the other quotes received. He agreed to do the work later in the year than the other contractors which allowed time to enjoy potted plants longer in the summer

-Mike C.


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